Green Gaming Chair

High end green gaming chair

Green Gaming Chair for Tsingtao! Tsingtao Beer together with Victorage e-sport chair for 2019 Chinese Super League. 

Victorage customized an exclusive seat for Tsingtao Beer - a green gaming chair, the symbol of youth, vitality, safety, and passion. The customized green gaming chairs use sponge 3.47 times of the market similar products. Victorage is dedicated to using high-quality material to give consumers more comfortable seats. The sponge, leather, steel frame and other materials used in this green gaming chair meet the environmental protection, flame retardant, non-toxic, and tasteless standards. High end gaming chair by Victorage!

This green gaming chair is the Victor series gaming chair.

1. Integrated Foaming: double density sponge allow your body to enjoy comfort. Luxury thick PU faux leather; Integrated freshly molded cold foam; Hidden high-quality steel frame.

2. 3D Adjustable armrest; Frog mechanism; Aluminum alloy feet; 3D Embroidery; SGS 4-Grade Air Lift Cylinder; PU Mute Caster. 

3. Full steel structure frame: the all-steel frame is completely clad in a high-density sponge; Build-in frameproof plate: QSTE420TM, high strength structural steel, the thickness of 3mm.

4. Backrest angle adjusts, gas lift up and down, up for rockling down to lock, adjustable rocking angle.


Green Gaming Chair by Victorage

Green Gaming Chair

VICTORAGE green gaming chair for Tsingtao

Buy Green Gaming Chair from Victorage!


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