Come and choose gorgeous new year gifts-Victorage gaming chairs!

Christmas has gone and the new year 2022 is waving hands! Here to bring the best savings and offers of Victorage gaming chair! There are plenty of great choices to be found in Victorage! Don’t hesitate any more and come to get a gorgeous new year gift ever!

Victorage Echo Series(Red Logo) $219
Saving up to $150 as the previous price is $369 if buy this model right now! The lowest price in 2021 and it won’t be sold any more as soon as it is out of stock. The black PU leather is embellished with classic red Victorage logo, looks minimalist and touches soft. The adjuster developed by Victorage itself allows one to recline the chair between 90 and 155 degrees with infinite locking angles, helping one find his the most comfortable position. Likewise, the full 360 degrees of swivel rotation enable dynamic movement, so the chair is always moving along with the sitter.
Victorage Echo Series
Victorage Echo Series(Carbon) $219
Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, many people start to work from home. Long time working makes their spines and waists feel much pain. It’s very important to have a good chair accordingly. This model fits the study room very well, the black PU leather looks calm and noble. It also features 3D armrest, frog mechanism, class 4 gaslift, aluminum alloy base and PU covered mute casters. The wider and thicker cushion offers a great support and a comfortable feeling as well. For the gift to family members, more attention will be paid to whether it will do harm to health or not. All Victorage chairs are eco-friendly and odorless. So it has no need to worry about this.
Victorage Echo Series gaming chair
Victorage Delta Series $239
This kind of design is rarely seen in the market. Inspired by racing seat, its shoulder arch looks much cooler and more handsome, showing a feeling of speed. The seat cushion has two wings, which is different from other series. Underneath the leather, is the frame, which is as sturdy as one could ever want as it is made of 100% steel. Thanks to the integrated foaming sponge, the chair is durable enough to bear the long time sitting pressure. It features 3D armrest, frog mechanism, class 4 gaslift, aluminum alloy base and PU covered mute caster. It also comes standard with 3-year warranty.

Victorage Delta gaming chair

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