There isn’t a lot left! VICTORAGE gaming chair promotion is still going on!

How much is a high-quality, comfortable gaming chair with high-end wear-resistant PU leather, environmentally friendly integrated foaming sponge and automotive-grade all-steel skeleton? $500? No, at VICTORAGE, such an gaming chair can be owned just at a minimum of more than $100. Because they are running a huge discount promotion! Now just click on their official website to check out more promotion details.


VICTORAGE has been one of the leaders in gaming chair for quite some time as it is always designed with the game enthusiast in mind. Their gaming chair features high-density integrated foaming sponge that will protect user’s body through countless hours of intense gameplay. What’s more, made from high quality PU leather, VICTORAGE gaming chair is also highly durable and made to last. VICTORAGE makes for a perfect combination of aesthetics, luxurious materials and absolute comfort. It is due in no small part to the industrially automated precision manufacturing. Like the all steel frame, explosion-proof plate and serpentine spring design on the back which provide more safety and longer support. The impact resistance of full steel frame can reach 2.5T with excellent supporting performance, helping to make the VICTORAGE gaming chair seated experience a joy. 


VICTORAGE gaming chair comes in six types. Customers can choose which one is best suited to them among various kind of choices. Crown series and Echo series are with thicker cushions while delta series can offer a sense of being hugged. Each series has its own unique characteristics.


“Dream, Sincerity, Craftsmanship” is the attitude that VICTORAGE always pursues. Dream depicts its devotion and persistence, showing respect to all players as well as itself with perfect gaming chairs; Sincerity is the user-oriented principle, impressing customers with more comfortable and higher-quality gaming chairs; Craftsmanship represents its continuous pursuit of excellence in the professional field.

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