Why are Victorage gaming chairs better than others'?

If search the gaming chair on the amazon, there are a number of results, among which the price range is around $150. Are the quality of these chairs good enough? What's the difference between the cheaper ones and the more expensive ones?

After doing the research, a conclusion has been reached. Most of the cheaper chairs are with lower quality. Just like the old saying goes: Get what one pays for.

How the cheaper chairs are produced? The frame is welded by hand, not only the hardness, but also the quality, can't be promised. The sponge they use is the recycled waste sponge, which is also with low density. This kind of sponge is easy to lose its function of support after long time sitting. When it comes to the production, they often glue the sponge to the frame, leaving the unpleasant smell and toxic substance on the chair. The leather also has this problem too as most of them are in pursuit of lower cost too. Even though these chairs are with lower prices, are they really worth buying?
using the robot arm
By contrast, Victorage gaming chair is much better in its control of quality. First of all, by using the robot arm, the steel frame welding process is fast and precise. Treated by electrophoresis, the frame is also not easy to be rusty. Secondly, their foaming technology is leading in the industry, which is the same as the luxury car seat's foaming process. The sponge liquid expands and covers the steel frame during the foaming process to ensure the comfort and durability at the same time. There is no glue used in the production so that it is odorless and non-toxic. From their exquisite workmanship, it's happy to find that Victorage gaming chair indeed can be trusted.
foaming technology is leading in the industry
In a word, try to think about it, one chair costs $150 and can be used for 1 year while another costs $350 and can be used for 5 years. Which one will be the choice? Perhaps there is an answer now.

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