About Us

Victorage Inc is a gaming tech company specializing in designing and manufacturing gaming seats with high quality materials. With over 20 years of excellence in precision engineering and user comfort studies, we create designs to deliver the comfort and lifestyle of high end racing chairs, allowing the majority of time spent sitting and doing what we love more enjoyable.

"Dream, Sincerity, Craftsmanship" is the motto of Victorage. Dream depicts devotion and persistence in the E-sports arena, showing respect to players as well as ourselves with perfect masterpieces; Sincerity is our user-oriented attitude, impressing customers with greater experience in comfort and high quality; Craftsmanship represents our continuous pursuit of excellence in the professional field. With cutting edge technology and expertise in car seats manufacturing, Victorage creates a new era of gaming chairs higher in quality, comfort, and performance.

New Age Gaming Chair:

E-sports chair has become a specialized seat for competition venues, gaming exhibitions, Internet cafes and other e-sports venues since 2012. Compared with traditional computer chairs, this seat with the inheritance of racing competition blood is designed with personality. The combination of the steel frame and the low-density cold foam ensures the comfort of the seat, which has been admitted by the market.

New era and the sense of quality will become the new thinking of e-sports chairs. Victorage pay its respect to e-sports with 20 years of international professional technology car seat manufacture, integrating the seat technology of benz S-class with the new era e-sports chair, to raise the pleasant feeling to next level.