With a large number of capital entering into the E-sports market, relevant industries of video games have developed a lot. As a important part of E-sports industry, gaming chair has been further understood by increasing number of video game fans which bring infinite business opportunities to our brand Victorage.

Victorage are now launched to market and begins to recruit the first batch of distributors! Welcome to contact us and we will respond to you at the soonest with providing the cooperation documents

Victorage Commission Plan

VICTORAGE has started a brand new plan called Commission Plan.It is an affiliate program to encourage individuals to become our partners. Each partner can get lucrative commissions for selling every gaming chair.

VICTORAGE attaches great importance to every fan and customer who likes our products, and we also welcome personal and social platforms that are willing to make progress with us.

The commission plan is free for all partners. Partners can earn revenue from Victorage brand by placing exclusive links on their personal channels, websites and social accounts! For any order purchased by clicking these links, the partner will receive the corresponding commission. The more you sell, the higher commission you get, which is also negotiable!

Our commission plan is now open to celebrities, personal website owners and social media operators or any individuals who are interested in Victorage gaming chair. And we have no requirement on gender or region. However, we reserve the right to reject or delete all illegal or damaging interests of Victorage.

How to be our partner?

Step 1. Contact us by email to join the VICTORAGE COMMISSION PLAN. Please feel free to contact us.


Step 2. We will give you a exclusive code which represent yourself.

Step 3. Place the code and Victorage website in your social network platform. Once a visitor use your code to get discount, you will get commission.


1. Our current main market is in the United States, and we are planning and preparing other markets, including Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. If you are in the different regions, please pay attention to our updated information.

2. Google advertising is not allowed for promotion, because your exclusive link may look like a fake website, which could bring bad influence to our brand and customer’s trusting.

3. Please do not use other partners’ code, or you won’t get corresponding commission. Because in that case, we can only collect the sales data of other people.


Q1: Who can join?

A: Everyone, from celebrities, all kinds of, bloggers, social media workers, even individuals who are interested in gaming chairs and sales.

Q2: Where can I learn more about VICTORAGE products?

Answer: You can learn VICTORAGE products from our official website with complete information on product design and advantages.

Q3: How to spread the word?

A: Here are some methods:

keep in touch.

Become a fan of VICTORAGE on Facebook

Follow VICTORAGE on Twitter and Instagram

Check out the latest VICTORAGE video on YouTube

Q4: What should I do if the product is returned?

A: If the customer returns the goods, asks for a refund, cancels the order, or credit card fraud, etc., partner will not get the commission for this order.

Q5: How do I apply for a coupon code?

A: Please email us about your needs and we will reply you with a exclusive code.

Q6: How can I qualify as a VICTORAGE affiliate partner?

A: We welcome anyone to join us as long as you are interested in our commission plan.

Q7: Does joining the commission plan mean that I have received sponsorship partnered by VICTORAGE?

A: Our commission plan is to give a chance to those fans who like our products, and it has no requirement. However, if you are a professional sales or celebrities, it is possible to upgrade to a sponsorship.

Q8: How do I upgrade to a sponsorship?

A: For those celebrities or social media operators who has more than 50000 followers and 1000 likes for each content, you have chance to be our sponsor. Also, if you are top 5 seller of our commission plan, you can upgrade to a sponsor. And each sponsor has a opportunity to get a free Victorage gaming chair.



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