Sponsorship Program

FPX, founded in 2017, is a powerful new force on the LPL stage. It won seven consecutive victories in the spring competition of 2019LPL. The spirit of the team is more like the phoenix of its LOGO, pursuing the ultimate and never giving up!
Victorage has reached a strategic cooperation with FPX club in 2019! Full of craftsmanship vita VICTORAGE gaming chair patience polishing works of every detail, sponge, leather, skeleton and other materials are in line with environmental protection, flame retardant, non-toxic, tasteless standards, layers of gate keeping, only with the most long-term company to guard the team!
In the LPL summer tournament on September 6, 2019, FPX beat RNG 3-1 to win the championship of the LPL summer tournament 2019.
On November 10, 2019, the FPX team swept the G2 team 3-0 and won the championship of the 2019 league of legends global final. LPL won the S championship again.


Since 2014, gaming team EDG has won five LPL professional league champions and six demathia champions. The glory won by EDG will be a milestone for LPL.

In 2019, EDG set off again and cooperate with Victorage as their unique E-sports chair partner. Victorage apply its twenty years of professional technology and experience of car seats manufacture, along with the spirit of e-sports athletics, to open the door of new era e-sports chairs with more comfort and higher quality.

LNG Esports Club, formerly known as Snake Esports Club. After adjusting the lineup, the LNG team made the semifinals of the Demacia Cup final. The LNG team was nominated for the 2016 fastest-growing club.After a long struggling period, now LNG has grown into a steady team in the LPL.

 Just in 2019, Victorage was designated as the unique E-sports chairs of LNG. Victorage has always been based on the principle of safety and environmental protection, with user experience as the first, diversified commodity design, high quality and quantification of materials, and fine workmanship!Applying the technology of integrated foaming frame of Mercedes S seat with eco-friendly material, to create a new era of e-sports chair of high quality, comfort and top performance of safety and health for gaming players.


TES club is a new star in the field of 2018 LPL In April 2020, TES introduced JackeyLove as AD position, won the 2020 LPL spring race runner-up!

Besides, Victorage also customize professional E-sports chairs for renowned LPL gaming club TES. Every curve of Victorage chairs is 100% hand-polished after thousands testing with innovative design of waist and head cushion, to improve the feeling of comfort for hand-working players!


EHOME e-sports club was founded in April 2005 and authorized by all-china sports federation as the only class A professional club in Beijing. As THE oldest e-sports club in China, EHOME has always been adhering to THE purpose of "THE ONE AND THE ONLY" AND is committed to becoming a world-class e-sports club. Currently, it owns DOTA2, CS:GO, over watch, street basketball and other popular e-sports projects, which have erected the banner of dream and passion in the whole country and even the whole world.

In the industry, Victorage maintains the purpose of advancing with the times, striving forward, and constantly breaking through the limits!Victorage customized the  e-sports chair for EHOME team members. The combination of modern aesthetics and traditional technology upgrades the configuration of the  e-sports chairin an all-round way! Victorage is the most comfortable choice for every e-sports person!