VICTORAGE Echo series affixed cloth embroidered edition review

As the pandemic has continued into its third year, working from home is becoming an inevitable trend. According to a report recently, about 75% of office workers are investing in improvements to their home office set-ups. Home meeting room solutions attract more attentions as well. As a part of home office, having a comfortable gaming chair with good quality is even more important at this moment as if it represents a real investment in comfort and health.

What is introduced here is a great gaming chair from VICTORAGE. VICTORAGE is a young but promising gaming chair brand. It has a number of partners all around the world like America, Germany, France, Greece, Peru, Kuwait, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and so on. More and more people love VICTORAGE gaming chair due to its high quality and unique design. It’s so lucky to have the opportunity to review this chair. This chair is available in the USA now, more details can be got on their official website.

First look at its appearance. The overall shape follows VICTORAGE Echo series with bigger and wider backrest and seat base. On its backrest, there is an affixed cloth embroidered logo, which is clean and very understated, making this chair feel closer to a high-end office chair than a gaming chair. This will help and blend into more spaces, whether it’s at home, a gaming LAN party or a more serious office environment. There are three logo colors for options, gray, red and white. Premium PU leather has a nicer and softer feel, while it is more durable than PU leather too.

Its sponge is also a very important factor affecting the comfort. Unlike the collage type built-in structure, the need to use glue for bonding. VICTORAGE chairs are foamed by leading integrated technology and truly environmentally friendly, no glue, no odor, so that consumers can rest assured that long-term use. High density and flexible sponge offer a great support to users and effectively distribute pressure.

With VICTORAGE angle adjuster, the backrest can be adjusted at any angle from 90° to 155° smoothly. This upright position is perfect for more focused work while lying down is suitable to stretch out back and have a rest.

This chair is available in the USA now, more details can be got on their official website.

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