LPL and LCK spring games

Brand flash purchase VICTORAGE e-sports chair, new product release.

With both the LPL and LCK spring games already over, the next most anticipated thing is the mid-season cup on May 28, 2 days later. The LPL teams are JDG, TES, FPX, and IG, and the LCK team is T1,GEN, DRX and DWG teams! 

This year's mid-season championship is one of the most popular, there must be a new introduction of JackeyLove TES team. After the addition of JackeyLove, the TES team can be said to be the top team in the lpl division, and then won the runner-up in the 2020 spring competition.
Victorage and TES have always had a cooperative relationship. Each e-sports seat for TES players is tailor-made for Victorage. The players love the game the most, and our love is to make every gaming chair good!
Victorage uses the most authentic materials to interpret the comfort of gaming chairs to the extreme. Every material such as PU leather, integrated foam sponge, skeleton, tray, armrest and so on must meet the environmental protection, flame retardant, non-toxic, comfortable and tasteless standards! Victorage will use the longest companionship to protect the health of consumers.
Victorage believes that only the attitude and ingenuity of the times can polish the most ergonomic gaming chair. From the manufacturer to the delivery, we have always kept our heart and delivered high-quality products to each experiencer.

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