Victorage gaming chair, a brief review of all collections

Victorage entered into gaming chair industry in 2018, thanks to its more than 20 years experience of car seat manufacturing, Victorage combines the advantages of the car seat with the gaming chair, creates its unique chairs in the market.

Here is a brief introduction of Victorage gaming chair.

Victorage V01 series gaing chair

As the first series of Victorage gaming chair, V01 has been given a lot of expectations. Its design is inspired by luxury car seat. The thicker chair back and cushion give people who sit a great support and make them feel less fatigued when sitting for long periods. To achieve the balance between comfort and durability, V01 series is covered in premium PU leather(eco-friendly, odorless and non-toxic) to better withstand daily wear and tear. 90-155 recline degree offers flexible seat positioning that allows you to lay back as far as you want.

V02 series

Victorage V02 series gaing chair
V02 series is also inspired by car seat, which has a more rounded outline. Its back is wider than V01 series when the seat cushion is the same, more suitable for those who have larger figures. Except the PU version, now the fabric version is also available. PU is more durable and fabric is more breathable. Just make the choice as per your preference.

V03 series

Victorage V03 series gaing chair
V03 series is inspired by racing seat, featuring the shoulder arch. The seat cushion of this series has two wings, different from other series.The overall shape of the chair is clean and neat, and the lines are straight and distinct, like a warrior, unwilling to become dull, break the routine and find itself.

V05 series
V05 series is the most luxury one among the Victorage gaming chair. It not only uses the Alcantara leather, which 100% made in Italy, but also has the inbuilt adjustable lumbar support.

GP series

Victorage G series gaing chair
As the entry-level series of Victorage, the design of GP is derived from the traditional racing seat, retaining the classic square glasses frame. Of course, Victorage redefines the length-to-width ratio of the seat cushion, the opening angle of the shoulder arch, and the overall height of the chair based on actual users’ usage data, making the sitting space of chair more flexible.

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